Newari culture and tradition

The Newari society and the cultural assimilation of my birth place, Kathmandu, inspire my creative thoughts.

When we see the valley from a distance, it looks beautiful but the real aeasthetical taste of the valley starts as we enter in the core areas of it. There’s varied diversity of different castes and ethnic groups but the majority of people belong to Newari community. The culturally rich traditional lifestyle of people even in this modern era attracts everyone. As the day begins, we can fell the melodious sound of bells, can see crowds of people walking around the temple worship ping gods and goddesses, and can feel the strong belief of the people in religion. Then, the life runs for the work of survival. Various emotional and bastract feeling can be seen during the time. People enjoying with the family members becomes the dramatic scenario in a creative pattern.

People still share traditional feasts and festivals, The festive moods, the enjoyment, the folk and cultural dances, music, etc. look amazing. I feel so interesting to visualize the people in “Haku Patasi” and “Daura Suruwal” with the rich architectural surroundings. THe people working in “Charkha”, engaged in “Ropain”, make me happy and satisfied. There seems to be the rise of eternal feeling of love, brotherhood and friendship. These activities have played a vital role to identify our nation in the world.

Born in Newari community, I hereby inherit the Newari culture and tradition. I got fascinated with the culture and the people. I also got an opportunity to study the life closely. Hence, I have tried to give the reflection of the same image, art, skill and labour. I’ve connected the present reflection of my society through my own water (medium) colours. With my skills, I have tried to maintain that beauty in my paintings. As a whole, I composed my overall painting series including socio-cultural and economical aspects of my society. Somewhere, I have tried to define the reflection of socio-cultural dimension and economic aspects of my society in my composition. The continuity of these festive moods will generate our enthusiasm to look into our typical Nepalese society.

- By Riti Maharjan
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