Newa Chén – Our Strategic Partner

Newa Chen

Newa Chen Gallery brings together the best of modern visual art and the illustrious Nepali tradition. The artistically rich, traditional, yet modernly supplied, Newa Chen house – situated near the picturesque Patan Durbar Square – provides a fitting venue for the Gallery. Newa Chen Gallery offers a vibrant outlook into the vibrant modern Nepali art scene – which is a juxtaposition of artistic elements of both occidental and oriental lineage. The gallery also helps to bring into focus the artisans of the past, those who built this house as a hallmark of Newari architecture, and the artists of today, those who add color, meaning and life to our gallery. Though each group belongs to a different era and trades they share common values- both are truthful to their beliefs and display immense love for their work. The gallery is therefore unique in a sense that it provides a setting for the true nature of Nepali art as it has evolved with time. All these elements work together to create a great aesthetic feeling to our visitors.

All traditional Newari houses normally have four stories (or levels); each with a specific name and purpose. The ground floor, called Dalan, is specially reserved as a storage space. At Newa Chen, we have re-purposed the same Dalan into a beautiful, cozy art Gallery which creates an authentic cultural connection with our visitors. Therefore it is very special for all who value tradition.

In very short time since its inception, the gallery has hosted many exhibitions from artists of different ethos, backgrounds and reputations. The gallery has also hosted special community-oriented exhibitions to shed light into important social and cultural issues. For instance, with the participation of new and young artists, we have hosted exhibitions themed on women empowerment and exhibitions compiled with arts from street children. It is highly satisfying and encouraging to see how, through art, the socially overlooked feelings of womenhood and the plight of childhood of underprivileged street children were brought into focus. Through this, we intend to bring into discourse the neglected issues of our time and place.

The success here till and the popularity of Newa Chen Gallery plus the suggestions of well wishers has brought into our attention the need for an online gallery to connect Nepalese artists with art enthusiasts around the world. Therefore Newa Chen has decided to collaborate with KalaVoice to establish a web-based gallery, with a hope to share the talent of established and emerging Nepali artists and also to promote Nepali culture, tradition and stories through art to a global audience.

We are very thankful to all artists and well wishers for their valuable suggestions and encouragement. We sincerely hope for more suggestions, criticisms and constant encouragement so that our new platform (KalaVoice) will get better shape and be more useful to people with passage of time.

To contact us please follow the following link: Alternatively you can also get in touch with us through our email at or our social media accounts.