New Artists – Join Our Team is an online marketplace for Nepalese arts and handicraft. Our mission is to provide a web-based platform for emerging and existing artists to put forth their work in the public domain with an effort to introduce Nepalese art to the global arena.

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We have a growing profile of both emerging and established artists who have wished to publish their portfolio through us. To name a few artists, we have Jasmine Rajbhandari, Nem Bahadur Tamang, Niraj Chirtakar, Rajan Panta, Sunita Maharjan, Riti Maharjan, and Sarita Dongol. Mrs. Sarita Dongol is also our art coordinator and your chief contact person as she’ll be in charge of handling the logistics of embedding new artists with our site.

We encourage you to join us and help us create a vibrant, creative and diverse space for Nepalese art at If you wish to partner with us, please send us your resume with the details mentioned below to or drop it in at Newa Chén Art Galley, Patan.

Newa Chén has agreed to team with us in providing exhibition space and a physical presence for sales and support. We are highly appreciative of this courtesy.

Join our band of artists by providing the following details of your paintings:

  1. A high quality photo of the painting having the color tone matching the actual painting.
  2. Title of the painting
  3. Short description of the painting. If you cannot provide individual description, then a general description for a group of paintings will be fine.
  4. Category of the painting. For instance: Contemporary art, Mithila art, Abstract, Realistic, Portrait etc.
  5. Medium used, e.g. water color on canvas, arclyic on canvas, mixed medium, oil painting etc.
  6. Dimension of the painting
  7. Weight, only if it is heavier than 0.5kg.
  8. Base price for each painting. This is the price we pay you after we match a buyer with your work.

Please click on the links below to download sample resume and art details. This is provided just for sample purpose, so it is not necessary that to follow this format strictly.

Download sample artist resumeDownload Sample Artist Resume
Download sample art details documentDownload Sample Art details document

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to having you at

Visual Artist Sarita Dongol.
Art coordinator,