Raj Krishna Maharajan

My Words:

Man needs to struggle in various aspects of his life. From the birth to his demise, he needs to struggle throughout his life. Some need to struggle hard while others need to struggle less to achieve success. I have based my painting this theme in mind.

No one knows how much one struggles in life. There is no shape, form or color of the struggle made by a man throughout his life. Thus, I have tried to depict this in the form of picture with various colors in the canvas.  I have tried to give colors to struggling people with diverse culture, profession and talent.


  • 1st Prize children Art compitition
  • 1st Prize children group, Barnani
  • 1st Prize Youth corner club
  • 1st Prize Urresiaya Reyukai japan (26th april 2008)
  • 1st Prize first sagarmatha day painting compitition 2008
  • 3rd Prize Bar association
  • 3rd Prize Nata visit nepal 98
  • consolation Prize 55th birthday celebration king Birendra B.B.S
  • consolation Prize 6th craftmen foundation U.S.A.
  • consolation Prize free student union lalit kala campus
  • consolation prize 55th relationship between nepal and thailand

Group Exhibition:

  • 34th national exhibition Nafa
  • 3rd Juddha kala exhibition2004
  • 4th  Juddha kala exhibition2005
  • camlin Art exhibition2006
  • Japan water color exhibition
  • Alfresco  Art exhibition
  • Rising star Art exhibition
  • Group5 & Modern Master Art exhibition   (april14-2007)
  • Three Artist show(Art &Craft)
  • Nepal Bangladesh Art exhibition2007


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