Nem Bahadur Tamang

My Words:

The inspiration of my creation comes from simple things that drives me toward the exploration of beauty and sublime. Illumination of motifs in my canvases is partly presentation of worldly view of settlements achieved from different view points with perception of mind that is executed in painting more with spontaneity. We can feel the beauty of nature and the artwork with mind and soul if there is an enthusiasm to get into it. Without understanding the meaning and without any certain reason there are so many things in the artwork created by mankind and the universe and nature itself if we are free from our own prejudices. A bird is never asked for the meaning of their song but anyone can enjoy that.

In the same way play of colors, forms and textures in my paintings are simply the glimpses of settlements seen with my eyes and mind. The external view of material world itself is lifeless unless we feel it. Depending upon the time and situation of mind, vision is changed about the settlements. Sometimes the situation of settlements itself changes my mood. My aim of the creation of artworks is not only to put my own vision in front of my eyes of viewers but to let them enjoy the beauty I have explored.

Nem Bahadur Tamang’s Arts