Krishna Lama

Krishna Lama has a master’s degree in fine arts from T.U.

My Words:
Most of my paintings are based on human feelings. I used elongated figure in my paintings. The things which were happening around me provokes me to paint. Human emotions like pain, love, sex, happiness and sadness are the key factor of my creative paintings. To express my feelings I used different motives like flowers, safety pin, bubbles etc. Through this media I want to show my inner world to other.

Solo Exhibitions:
2012: Dissolving into forms, Nepal Art Council

Group exhibitions:
2007: Freedom, painting exhibitions,(JCI)
2008: Lalitkala Mahosab (Fine Arts College)
2009: Drug Rehab Painting Exhibition (ECSTASY)D art group-Nepal art council
2010 : Beginning Without End, Nepal art council
2011 : Beginning Without End, PSM Gallery, Mahendra Pool, Pokhara
2011 : National Exhibition (NAFA)
2011 : Collaborative art residency outcome exhibition, Nepal Art Council
2012 : Portrait to self portrait (Antoionio Nodar), Patan Museum

2012: Performance Art (Behind the Mask). Nepal Art Council
(2days workshop with Japanese performance artist) or. by Bindu.
A space for artists-Nepal

2062: Araniko Memorial Day (Workshop &Painting Competition)
2066 : Janna Kala Abhiyan 2 day painting workshop at Koteswhor
2009: BADAL 1 day painting workshop at Dharmasthali
2012 : Lalitkala Painting Workshop

Krishna Lama’s Arts