Human Body

Our body is the combination of various elements and particles. Our existence continues because of the completeness of these tiniest components. This is how we are involved in the continuum of life and death. We have conceptualized the form of an invisible divine force that wields sublime energies. We attempt to remain close to this transcendental force in order to confirm our existence. However, in the end we can not live for ever, and the elements that are connected with each other to give us spiritual and physical sustenance begin to fall apart. Death is a certainty – we will all vanish from physical reality. However, the course of our lives seems to be covered with the blanket of existence and we go on playing this game of life to achieve our dreams and expectations. Through my work I am trying to convey that life is merely a game and we are merely the performers. Our relationship with the divine force and nature are the two aspects in the playground of life that motivates us to understand our role here.

Every entity is trivial even if it harbors life and though the invisible force feels non existent,it is ever prevalent. In order to visualize this concept I have used the lotus to symbolize the divine force and nature. The chess board is the metaphor for the playground of life. The characters that dominate the chessboard represent us – the actors playing out the great game of life.

- By Prithvi Shrestha
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