About Us

KalaVoice.com is an online marketplace for Nepalese arts and handicraft. Our mission is to provide a web-based platform for emerging and existing artists to put forth their work in the public domain with an effort to introduce Nepalese art to the global arena. Through this effort we intend to encourage and empower the artist by promoting their work, their creative talent and their innovative spirit to the global audience. We believe that our effort will help spread awareness about Nepalese art history, our cultural heritage and our marriage with modernity as reflected through our work of art. Finally, we envision KalaVoice to become a community driven space for artists, art aficionados and community members to communicate ideas, share experiences and publish their work and insights.

KalaVoice has teamed with Newa Chén Art Gallery who is providing us an exhibition space and a physical presence for sales and support. We are highly appreciative of this courtesy. You can read more about our strategic alliance here.

If you are an artist we encourage you to join our KalaVoice community and help us create a vibrant, creative and diverse space for Nepalese art. You can get more information about joining our team here. We look forward to having you at KalaVoice.